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2021 Covid update as of 5-14-2021:

I am fully vaccinated since March 28, to my intense relief. My business stayed open last year, with mask wearing and distancing, and nobody got infected on the boat, as far as I know. I am still doing only private trips, so just your group will be onboard. Being outdoors makes a huge difference, and ventilation is particularly good on the deck of a moving sailboat. Now that 40% of adults in the US are vaccinated, and the number is climbing, I will not require you to wear a mask on the boat. I will not wear one outdoors now that I have the vaccine. If you are not vaccinated, don’t worry, I am. Sailing was a relatively Covid-safe activity before the vaccines became available, and is even more so now. So, let’s have a relaxing time on the water!

3-hour private trip for up to 6 people


Shots near rail 6-22-08, Adventuress aground 6-23east of Bell Is 0012013 september race finish

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